A Variety of Payment Channels on the Online World
We help your business accept payment via a credit card with the lowest fee rate, enabling you to increase competitiveness in the digital world.


By just calling API for our payment gateway, your online merchant website will be capable of receiving an online payment through credit cards. Our service supports over 27 foreign currencies and enables your company to reach customers across the globe.
Your merchant can accept an online credit card payment from your customer even if your merchant does not have a website for selling products/services. This payment can be made as we will create a payment link and will send it directly to your customers through various global social media channels.
If your customers want to pay for products or services with a credit card, they can make a payment through their banking institution or ATM across the country anytime, 24/7.

World-class Standard

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
Bank of Thailand

Why Money Space?

Boost sales volume
and creditability to
your online merchant
Quick approval even
if you are
a small merchant
Lowest service fee
on the market with
a rate of 2.59%
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with the global
Gives you financial
freedom with no